October days


After a week of beautiful weather the rain and wind has returned making me a fireside gardener for a few days. Fortunately I can still spend time in the greenhouse but the only jobs there are picking tomatoes and also picking off dead or mouldy leaves.

The tomatoes I had growing, as a trial outside, between the greenhouse and garden wall were affected by blight and had to be removed to the bin. I did manage to salvage 1.5 kilos of  green Alicante which along with some apples were converted into delicious chutney from a recipe passed down by my late mother-in-law. We will allow the chutney to mature for a few weeks and then ENJOY.  I also harvested a handful of almost ripe Gardener’s Delight.

In all the experiment was hardly worth the time and effort but I will persevere with this space as being so sheltered and benefitting from the sun shining through the greenhouse it is worth trying another crop.  I have had very mixed results with sweet corn in the past so I will try a double row of them there next year.


Runner beans are still forming although at a slower rate than before but there are still plenty maturing.

I sowed my overwintering broad beans on 4th of October before the rain started and as the soil was fairly dry this will encourage them to germinate.


Has done well this year and there are still a few good sized globes to harvest. I will be trying beetroot and tomato soup later this week and I will let you know how it turns out as I have never made it before.


Are running out of steam and I  see me removing them to the compost heap sometime soon.


Will they ripen?
Will they ripen?

Some of the remaining figs seem to have realised that summer is over and are ripening quickly. It is always a battle between the birds and me as to who gets them just as they are fully ripe. Lately I seem to have my timing just right. There are still a few left to ripen and I wonder if they will be ready for eating before the last leaf falls?


Surprisingly the Autumn planting onion sets I planted just over two weeks ago are already sprouting despite the attention of the local cat. I did not expect to see greenery so soon. The garlic and shallots are not showing any signs of growth but hopefully they are forming a good root system.

Other matters

Spring bulbs

were planted today so that is another job out of the way.



Borage patch
Borage patch past its best

Has been a tremendous attraction for honey and bumble bees over the summer, being long flowering makes it especially suitable for the bees. It is however now past and I will remove it shortly before it starts dropping its seed as I don’t want countless seedlings appearing. I have seed which I harvested last year and I will sow this in the Spring.

I am always a little despondent at this time of year as cropping is finishing and the only work to be done is what I consider unproductive and don’t enjoy, like clearing the plot, general tidying and pruning . I hope I have cut the grass for the last time but with the weather being wet and mild I might be doing another cut later this month !!.

Autumn reading

I have plenty of seed catalogues to browse during these dark evenings and I am planning the crops and varieties to grow next year. I have a fairly small vegetable plot and crop rotation to minimise pests and diseases is always uppermost in my mind. I tend to stick to varieties of vegetables I know will be successful here but I also like to try something new every year.

In my next blog I will summarise my year of successes and failures. .

Please leave your comments or alternatively email me at summerhousetales@outlook.com. to let me know what you think of my blog.

Enjoy your garden and firm up your planting plan for next year.

Thanks for reading.


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